NYC Weirdos: First Encounter

by baddieworld

I’ve been in New York City for three days now – which in some cultures I’m sure equals an eternity – so an encounter with a normality-challenged person is long overdue, according to my previous record. I was starting to get a bit worried, to tell you the truth, but to my relief it turned out that my weirdness magnet functions perfectly well not only inside, but also outside of Europe.

Exhibit #1 presented to the jury:

The place where I do my grocery shopping (same one I saw the myriad bags and wrapping paper types in), also has a hot food counter. I noticed it today – several deep trays, with a variety of pasta, potato wedges, and some unidentified foods of a similar yellow nature. As I slowed down, a few steps away, enticed by the steam and fragrance, I noticed another shopper approaching the (largely unsupervised) counter, grab the big serving spoon, and… scoop up some pasta.

And drop it back down. Actually, not drop, more like stir. Gently. But persistently. And again. Raise food in spoon, examine it, sniff at it, place it back down, stir. Not, at any point, display any intention to get a plastic containter and transfer the food therein with a view to purchase it. Nope, just leisurely sifting through one tray for a good while seemed the activity of choice.

Naturally, I stopped to look. From a distance, mind you. Not that it would have disturbed the individual in question, who proceeded to offer the same treatment to the food in the two remaining trays. I watched transfixed, but the motions were repeated exactly. A few moments later, he moved on to the check-out without anything in his basket but with a spring in his step.