Day #2 in NYC

by baddieworld

So far, in her grand total of two days in New York City, Baddie has learned…

… that Americans tend to buy “sheet sets” containing a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and a pillowcase. “But why two different types?” I asked myself with child-like wonder. “This is a great mystery.” I ran a few scenarios through my head, including the one where they place the flat sheet on the bed first, followed by the fitted one. It just didn’t make sense! At the same time, I spent about an hour in a K-Mart looking for a duvet cover. There was no such thing on the neatly-stack shelves. Instead, I found shams* – and wondered if they were what I was looking for, until it dawned on me they had something to do with pillows – and bed-skirts,** which is something lady beds tend to wear when they go out dancing. What I did not find, even after pawing and eyeing and considering, were duvet covers! Cut to later that evening…


when I visited my good friend (let’s call her the MBA girl). She laid out my bed and explained in the process that: the fitted sheet goes on the matress; and the flat sheet – wait for it… why yes, it is used as a protective layer between yourself and the duvet! that is, in fact, your cover – folded up once, if you would believe it.

… that there are such things as plastic surgeons for dogs in the US – here is an ad I saw on the subway to serve as proof. Particularly telling are the “before” and “after” pictures…


… and finally, that there are more storage bags and kitchen paper and foil types in an NYC grocery than I could ever dream of in my philosophy… they bear intriguing and imaginative names like: trash flap top, kitchen flap top, sandwich pop and close, pre-cut pop-up foil sheets, freezer double zipper, freezer paper (!?), slow-cooker liners (?) and my all-time favourite, paper snack and sandwich bags.

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*sham: a decorative cover used over standard bed pillows

**bed skirt: a piece of decorative fabric that is placed between the mattress and the box spring of a bed