Give Us Our Daily Bread…

by baddieworld

Searching for something akin to the Belgian chain Le Pain Quotidien (which has promised to come to Berlin and hasn’t – waaaaaaah!) I stumbled across the information that the best bakery in Berlin is located in Ernst Reuter Platz, and is called (fittingly) Brot & Butter.


We went there to check it out today for brunch and boy oh boy were our tummies grateful!


It is part of an intriguing super-expensive but super-cool store called Manufactum, in which, we established, half of the products are made by some nuns in some monastery or other. Under the supervision of a monk, of course. (Oh, there’s no escaping the dastardly patriarchal rule!) They have everything that can delight, from pencil-sharpeners with a screw for adjustments and own leather etuis, to noodle-pressing benches. And we only visited the ground floor!

The bakery itself is next door, and is more of a Delicatessen shop, with cheese, preserves, liqueurs and the like, but they do offer some meals, like breakfast or light lunches. You can enjoy these (or not) on the communal, blond wood tables by perching on one of the high stools provided for this purpose. (Is there anyone else who hates high chairs as much as I do? Is there anyone who thinks they are not the most uncomfortable seating options in existence? Does everyone agree that every. single. high. stool. out. there should be destroyed with a big axe? Alrighty then. Go get ’em, tigers). The atmosphere is cosy though, with most customers belonging to the well-dressed, well-off but not too snobby category, and the service friendly enough, if a little slow and confused.

We had the “sweet breakfast” (sweet bun, butter, marmalade) and “small breakfast” (selection of bread, cheese, ham, butter and marmalade) and some seriously overpriced coffee. The food, however, is heavenly. There were three types of bread we tried, and they all impressed through taste, texture, freshness, and appearance. So much so that we ended buying some to bring home. Highly recommended.

Note: they are open Mondays to Saturdays only. There is also a bookstore next door, for spending some pleasant time book-browsing.

Bonus: you can also watch the cute young (male) bakers prepare the dough and everything. Ha!