Double or Nothing: Camille’s sorry fate

by baddieworld

It’s been a while since my rant directed at the evil drycleaner around the corner. And honestly, after that much bitterness I thought I’d take a break, retreat and… lick my wounds. What I did not expect was any trouble from the nice, posh drycleaners I had decided to entrust with my second new garment from lovely Damsel in a Dress. The appropriately named Camille was worn exactly once to go out for dinner at a Korean restaurant I love, and needless to say it promptly became closely acquainted with some spicy bibimbap sauce. And some other unidentified (but therefore not less greasy) fluid. And so it needed some professional help…

Which, to be quite honest, it got. To such an enthusiastic degree, apparently, that it probably wished it never made the trip from England. I can just imagine Camille’s clear, crystal-cut silky voice ordering the brute who manhandled it: “Unhand me sir! This very instant!” Alas, it was not to be. When I arrived to pick it up, it was too late, and the damage was already done. The lady at the counter took me aside and described in mournful tones that the cleaning, unfortunately, was done so vigorously that the cleaning pistol (they used a pistol? on my poor sensitive Camille?!) left some irreparable creases and discoloration in the upper part of the dress. They were very, very sorry.

I looked at my dress. Then I looked up. Well, I was about to say, at least you still HAVE my item. But I didn’t get to say anything, as the lady started a veritable torrent of apologies, reassurances that they will reimburse me in full, and pleas that I would consider remaining their customer. Now don’t get me wrong, you can see the damage – but it’s a small spot that could be covered with a brooch. I’m not even that tremendously bothered. So I was all the more gratified at this lady’s reaction and at their policy. “Just write down your name and address here – and the value of the dress – don’t worry if you don’t have a receipt…” WHAT? I gasped. They don’t even want a receipt? Compare and contrast with the evil drycleaner, gentle reader.

In the end, we agreed that they would call me when the manager was back, in two weeks, and I would get back the dress and a sum close to the original cost. I even provided a receipt – ah, the joys of ordering things online! And guess what, on the day they said they would call they did, at ten o’clock in the morning, and invited me to come pick up my dress and compensation. Not only did that go very smoothly, but miracle of miracles, I got a letter from the insurance company of the evil drycleaner the very same day. Saying they would transfer 70% of the value of my Hobbs top to my bank account. And… they did. That same day.

Que “It’s A Wonderful Life” …