Baddie and the splint

by baddieworld

Remember that not long ago I blogged about going to my dentist? Now, what I did not tell you was exactly what I did there. That’s mostly because I was a little foggy about it myself. Sure, I had the regular check-up, and some fillings, and the professional cleaning. But in addition… I let myself be convinced by my doctor to be fitted for a “Schiene”. Because, she explained, it would be good for my teeth. Eh, why not?

That’s how I came to believe that I would get something akin to braces. At least that’s the first thought that popped into my mind, probably because I’ve always been somewhat self-conscious about my not-so-straight teeth. At last! This clever lady dentist has guessed my secret dream of a Hollywood smile and she’s going to make it come true! I went home and told Mr. Baddie all about it.

He, meanwhile, acted as the voice of reason and told me several horror-stories of people not being able to sleep because of the excruciating pain caused by braces, and getting bankrupt because of the costs. So a few days later, I went to my dentist again for a consultation. To my delight, I was told that my insurance would cover it all, and that it wouldn’t be too painful to wear. Reassured, I asked again what this “Schiene” would do. What I heard the lady say this time was that it would help draw my teeth out a bit. Oooohhh. So not straightening, after all. But how does this dentist know of my secret complex which involves smiling modestly because I think my lower teeth are much shorter than my upper ones? I will now get evenly sized teeth! Life is good.

I have now had this thing for a week. It looks like this:

The splint

And I have been wearing it at night, as directed. And wondering what the heck it does. It couldn’t possibly be drawing out my small, lower teeth. Because, you see, it is a soft, transparent resin piece molded exactly after and hence obviously meant to be worn on my upper teeth.

Today I went for yet another check-up. As I looked up to my dentist, I heard a little hysterical note in my voice bubbling to the surface: “But what exactly, EXACTLY, does this do?”

“Ah” she smiled “it’s for protecting your tooth surface. From gnashing together. Especially when you sleep.”

PS if you are very curious and want more info on “occlusal splints” and such, go here.