Baddie goes shopping

by baddieworld

I guess I might just as well admit it. TK Maxx is my favourite shop ever. Despite or maybe because of its crazy messiness and pot-luck nature. I love rummaging like a piggy for truffles and coming up for air with pieces that look as if their erstwhile home was a Parisian boutique. And it is cheap. That said, I never could quite make up my mind about their customer service.

Take today. I was looking for summer skirts, and since I have none whatsoever, I had planned to buy at least three. I did my rounds, and as I approached the changing rooms, I hear one of the girls at the entrance laughing and remarking loudly: “Oh look there, she has the entire shop in her basket!” I mentally wince, and wonder which poor woman they are talking about. I don’t even want to know, it’s too rude. “Oh yes, you’re right!” interjects her colleague, giggling “I could never try on so many things!” I surreptitiously glance around. There are a few baskets outside the changing rooms, but they don’t seem terribly full. And there’s no other customer in sight. Realization begins to dawn on me.

“Hi” the girls say in unison, smiling at me like so many 100 Watt bulbs. “You sure have a lot in there” beams one. I nod humbly, and look back at my basket, holding around 20 items. “Well, that’s alright, if you have the time to try it all on…” The other girl chuckles. I manage a little smile and leg it to the cabins. Once there, I look in the mirror, shake my head, and grin. Just another day in Baddieworld.

PS. Because of my many items, as I was trying to place some back in the basket and take some new ones to try on, as is their nature, the clothes got mightily tangled in their infinite number of coat hangers. Unsurprisingly, they toppled my basket and spilled on the floor. I did what I always do – look and feel pretty much useless. As you might expect, it took about 2 seconds for a guy to come to the rescue and put everything neatly back in order. So ok, he was mid-fifties, obviously batting for the other team AND a store employee, but I tell you, this works. If you don’t know what this is, see Baddie and the Bread Cages and Baddie and the Prisoner Chairs. And do try to keep up, hmmm?