Baddie and the Prisoner Chairs

by baddieworld

Whether this is something country, or city-specific, or merely caused by the generally suspicious behaviour of students, university cafeteria outdoor chairs in Berlin are tied properly. With hose-like implements that are so thorough, they actually prevent you from sitting comfortably, as can be observed in the photos.

The source of all evil aka the big hose-chain

An additional surprising quality of these chains is their shortness, which makes them become artificially raised and create a sort of tallish fence around the table. This must be skipped with great agility on all occasions.

I've been good, guv'nor, honest i have

Say, for example, (you understand, entirely hypothetically) that your friend left to make a phone call and her sheets of paper are being scattered by a gust of wind? Not a problem, Baddie will spring like a panther sit down, sipping on her coffee, and allow the nice guy at the next table to get up and collect them for her.

When did you say I could go on parole?

…Please don’t judge. It’s a survival technique. If you don’t believe me, see  Baddie and the Breadcages